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BRIC360 Webinar Series: “8 Tips to Alleviate IP Concerns Around China Pharma Products”

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This webinar is brought to you by BRIC360 and will take place on:

Thursday, April 18, 2013,
8:00am (San Francisco), 11:00am (New York), 4:00pm (London)

First 100 seats available for free, then it’s $79!

China offers invaluable business and growth opportunities and has become an important market for many US companies. However, concerns about intellectual property (IP) protection remain high (see Box 1 for a case study). This webinar will explore common IP concerns around trade- and contract-related issues. You will leave the session with tips and strategies to effectively protect your Pharma products in China.

This is a 60-minute moderator-led panel in Q&A format to explore and provide solutions to the following concerns:

Concern 1: China IP laws expressly favor domestic interests
Concern 2: Chinese companies do not respect IP
Concern 3: Chinese laws does not govern theft of third party IP
Concern 4: Trade-secret thefts are common in China
Concern 5: Chinese companies bear no liability in case IP or confidentiality is breached
Concern 6: Enforcing intellectual property rights (IPR) is very difficult in China
Concern 7: Foreign companies cannot control the future of invention discovered in China
Concern 8: Dispute resolution in China-which law to govern? US or China?

Box 1 | Case Study: Crystal Pharmatech
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We invite you to send your questions ahead of time, we will address as many as we can during the session. Please send your questions to info@cypinproduction.com


 Robert Wenslow, Jr.
Vice President of Business Development,
Crystal Pharmatech

Robert Wenslow received his PhD in Physical Chemistry from Pennsylvania State University. Before joining Crystal Pharmatech, he had spent 14 years at Merck with increasing responsibilities. For the last 6 years, he has been an associate scientific director in charge of API physiochemical characterization for all development compounds. Bob has presented as invited lecturer at over 10 conferences, has published over 20 peer reviewed journal articles, and is co-author on over 10 patents.

 Benjamin Liu, J.D., (moderator)
 Assistant Professor, China IP Resource Center,
 John Marshall Law School

At John Marshall Law School, Professor Liu investigates emerging patent issues in U.S. and Asia and offers courses comparing US and China patent law and addressing cross-border IP enforcement. He also directs the China IP Resource Center there, which has a dual goal of training SIPO examiners and Chinese Attorneys and disseminating information about Chinese IP law here in the U.S.

 Jiwen Chen, J.D., LLM,
 Attorney-at-law/Asia Practice Director,
 Jacobson Holman PLLC

Mr. Chen has more than 10 years’ practice experience in business and intellectual property law in both China and the United States. Mr. Chen advised clients on foreign direct investment, intellectual property protection, technology transfer, corporate and international trade matters. He previously worked in Washington D.C. office of Reed Smith LLP, a global law firm, and Shanghai office of a leading Chinese law firm. With his training, experience and network in both U.S. and China, Mr. Chen has advised major U.S. companies and start-ups on legal strategies for their business formation and IP protection in China in pharmaceutical, chemical, biotechnology, telecommunication, and software fields and assisted Chinese clients with the same issues involving the U.S. In addition, he conducted research on technology transfer at the National Institute of Health Office of Technology Transfer.

About Crystal Pharmatech

Crystal Pharmatech is the first technology-driven, China-based CRO which focuses on the specialized field of materials science applied to drug development. We offer preclinical studies that allow clients to quickly assess the development risks associated with drug candidates so that rapid, informed decisions can be made on many compounds in a short amount of time. We are then able to assess the lead candidate and provide all necessary analytical data for successful development into the clinic. We truly partner with customers and work with their auxiliary CRO vendors to ensure all aspects of drug development are completed on time and with the highest quality.

About BRIC360

BRIC360 is a year-round webinar series that covers burning questions and challenges in the biopharmaceutical industries in Brazil, Russia, India, and China. Our goal is to provide valuable connections and reliable data to our partners and audience in a cost effective and convenience way. Learn how to sponsor a webinar with us, visit www.bric360.com

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