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Who We Are

Bringing together people, knowledge, and a world class network to help you stay ahead of emerging trends in the global pharmaceutical industry


CYPIN is renowned for its ability to encapsulate the nuances, pitfalls and precise opportunities in power-packed conferences for pharma companies seeking to tap new or higher profits from within China. The company is similarly winning industry accolades for its work in other emerging markets including Brazil, Russia, India, and other countries throughout Asia.

Each conference and eSummit is highly focused on niche or problem-specific topics featuring both industry and government regulators from, or strongly affiliated with, the geopolitical area being addressed. No products are sold at these events nor are special interests promoted.

CYPIN events are solely about the latest information, the exact how-tos, the hard truths and nuanced realities on the ground, the paths taken by other pharma companies who went before, and the lessons taken from their journeys. Participants walk away with a reality-based understanding of the market, the tools needed to mine profits there, and hands-on experience with the forms they’ll need to file, the regulatory and insurance requirements they need to appease, and the means to protect intellectual property and measure product pricing potentials.

Each and every conference and eSummit hones in on one thing: how to realistically profit in growing but challenging markets. It’s a no-nonsense, hard-core drill on what does and doesn’t work within and across borders. But the learning doesn’t stop at the end of the conference or eSummit. Conversations and knowledge sharing continues in the world-class community online network consisting of people working in pharma in distant lands everyday.

The driving belief behind CYPIN’s mission of “know, don’t guess” is that the fluff and spin surrounding these markets must be stripped away and replaced with meaningful, actionable information directly from experts who have been there, done that, and won or lost but now know the way forward.

That belief, that mission, is undertaken by the CYPIN team, led by Judy Tsui, who collectively has over 30 years direct experience in emerging market research and international pharma networking. The team has working relationships with government officials, leading pharmaceutical and biosciences practitioners, consultants, and academics worldwide.

The CYPIN staff is headquartered in New York City with contributors across major cities including, but not limited to, New York, Toronto, London, Hong Kong, and Bangalore. Staff and contributors work together to bring world class conferences, eSummits, one-on-one partnering, a bustling online community, and other initiatives to the global pharmaceutical community.



The company name is inspired by Cypin, a protein Rutgers scientists discovered in 2004.  It regulates nerve cell and neuron branching in the brain, an important process in helping people learn. CYPIN makes a different kind of connection: bringing together potential buyers and sellers at our targeted conferences and communities in emerging pharmaceutical/life science areas.

CYPIN does this by providing face-to-face business opportunities and practical industry solutions for industry leaders through conferences we have carefully crafted to meet your needs. Through these symposia, you will find non-promotional, timely, and practical solutions designed to accelerate synergy for new ideas and opportunities.